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DSP Group, LLC welcomes readers …

We are a group of Attorneys and Business Investors who got together after deciding that 99% of the people in Mortgage Default & Loss Mitigation industry were looking at things from the wrong perspective. Our priority is with those we serve; a business thrives on happy customers and a solid  reputation. We wanted to offer people a new apprach to loss mitigation, with our focus being on the best interest of our clients. Your satisfaction is the only measure of our success!
We Provide:
  • Loss Mitigation consulting for Attorneys
  • Foreclosure & Bankruptcy assistance
  • Mortgage Default Education & Services
We get results! We have been in the business for more than 10 years. We work working closely with lenders and law firms throughout the country. We have provided Loss Mitigation on behalf of HUD, Fannie Mae, VA, Freddie Mack as well as a host of other private mortgage lenders. Most recently, we have worked with a National Non Profit Agency who claims to provide “rescue funds” to those who are facing foreclosure who may have been victims of predatory lending.
We understand your desire to learn the business of loss mitigation and real estate investments. The experienced professionals at DSP Group, LLC endeavor to provide you with the most effective loss mitigation tools, education, and services that are highly regarded by lenders in the mortgage industry.
Thanks you for reading, and stay tuned!


– The members @ DSP Group, LLC